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Being charged with a crime is always serious, but it is important to remember that you do have rights and no situation is ever without hope. Without professional help, you may not be aware of specific proof requirements that the government must meet for a particular charge or enhancement, or some of the less known and fact-specific defenses that may apply to your situation. An ill-advised plea could cost you your freedom, your professional license, or even legal status in this country.

For these reasons, if you or your loved one are facing criminal accusations, it’s critical that you enlist the assistance of a skilled criminal defense attorney. At Law Offices of William V. Pernik, we focus our practice on all aspects of criminal defense and excel in coming up with creative and effective solutions to some of the most complex problems. Whether you have been accused of domestic violence, arrested for DUI, or have been charged with a sexual offense, gang crime, or homicide, our team of dedicated defense attorneys will know how to help you.

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Why Trust Your Case to Law Offices of William V. Pernik?

For those who never had to go through it before, and for many who have, the criminal justice system can be incredibly daunting. It is often punitive, dehumanizing, and impersonal, and it can seriously damage or destroy you, if not handled with caution.

At Law Offices of William V. Pernik, we offer our clients:

  • Our personal commitment to providing you with top quality legal representation
  • A proven track record of favorable results in negotiations and courtroom proceedings
  • Personalized representation and guidance tailored to your specific goals
  • A research-based approach to your case, as well as access to extensive resources
  • Open, honest communication and convenient after-hours appointments
  • Free and confidential case evaluations to discuss your unique situation
  • Legal services provided in English and/or Spanish (se habla español)

    We regularly handle difficult and emotionally charged cases, including those involving military veterans and individuals with mental health issues or substance abuse problems. Our Salinas criminal defense attorneys offer accurate and compassionate legal counsel – when you meet with us, you can be sure that we will always take the time to show you respect and hear your story.

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    To discuss your case with one of our experienced criminal defense attorneys, contact our firm as soon as possible. In many criminal cases, time is critical because important defense evidence may get lost, or witnesses may change their minds under pressure from the government, or even disappear. If you or a loved one has been arrested or charged with a crime, don’t wait to seek legal counsel until it is too late. Call us today to find out how we can help.

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    • “You will not regret hiring him as your legal counsel. I honestly, cannot thank him enough for his dedication, hard work, and patience with my case that lasted over 18 months”

      Rob M.

    • “William stood out as the most honest, hard working and compassionate.”


    • “I was fighting a DUI prison case. Those cases are usually very black and white for judges. Mr. Pernik guided me in the right direction so my case turned out very beneficial for me. His statements are very well put together.”

      Avvo Reviewer

    • “He is an active listener, dedicated to his profession and his community.”

      J TD T.

    • “They took care of me all the way through my conviction, he was even able to extend my surrender date without any hesitations.”

      Yolanda L.

    • “I hope not to need a criminal lawyer again soon but it's nice to know where to find a good one!!”

      Steven M.

    • “Mr. Pernik really took the time to know me personally he understood my situation. He genuinely wanted to help me during a difficult time in my life. He fought for me in court to modify my sentence.”

      Avvo Reviewer

    • “William was very friendly and checked on the status of my file for free.”

      Ba C.

    • “If you want solid representation from someone who is non-judgmental and has your back, look no further.”

      Annia R.

    • “Not only did he fight for the best outcome for me, but he also was available to answer my questions 24-7. I felt very protected and calm when Mr. Pernik would enter the court room”

      Avvo Reviewer

    • “I felt like he understood the stress me and my family were going through and held our hand through the process”

      Alex F.

    • “I highly recommend Mr. Pernick. He is extremely knowledgeable about complex criminal defense issues. He is very hard-working and provides excellent representation for his clients. No one will work harder to achieve the best result.”


    • “I must say Mr. William Pernik is an exemplary exception to this rule. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Mr. Pernik and his professionalism as an attorney and his compassion for his client's rights.”

      Yelp Reviewer

    • “Amazing in every way.”

      Kritine F.

    • “Mr. Pernik has so much compassion for his clients, his integrity is beyond approach.”

      Jacqueline W.