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Salinas Criminal Defense Attorneys

Salinas Criminal Defense Lawyer

Serving Monterey & the Surrounding Counties

With our founding attorney, William V. Pernik, at the head of the legal team, we know just how emotionally and physically taxing a criminal accusation can be, and what it takes to successfully defend and protect you during these trying times.

From simple misdemeanors to complex felony charges such as forcible rape and murder, our criminal defense attorneys have taken on some of the toughest prosecutors in the state to obtain the best results for our clients, securing a record number of acquittals in multiple jurisdictions, as well as dismissals and reductions of charges in hundreds of cases.

We take pride in our personal attention to every detail of your case and are devoted to the relentless pursuit justice for all of our clients, regardless of criminal past or current accusations.


About Our Firm

What Sets Us Apart from Other
Defense Firms in the Area?

We stand out from the rest because of our unparalleled commitment to our clients and our expertise in handling the most complex criminal cases.

Our founding attorney, William Pernik, is especially well-known for his excellence in defending clients with serious mental illness, developmental disabilities, severe substance abuse disorders, and defense of veterans. Mr. Pernik is joined at the firm by his long-time friend and colleague, Roland Soltesz, who brings with him a keen understanding of cutting-edge issues in forensic sciences, such as DNA, blood, and fingerprint analysis, crime scene and accident reconstruction, ballistics, and many others.

Together, Mr. Pernik and Mr. Soltesz form a powerhouse legal defense team that is ready to take on the toughest of opponents, and they have won many courtroom victories for our clients.

What Do Defense Attorneys Do?

A criminal defense attorney is a legal specialist who focuses on advocating for individuals or entities accused of committing criminal acts. Central to their role is the provision of legal advice and representation throughout the intricate landscape of the criminal justice system. If you’ve been charged with a crime, and experienced attorney can help you with:

  • Legal Guidance: The cornerstone of a defense attorney's work lies in furnishing clients with informed legal advice. This encompasses elucidating their rights, elucidating the charges they're confronting, delineating potential repercussions, and shepherding them through the legal journey that lies ahead.
  • Scrutinizing Cases: With meticulous attention to detail, defense attorneys delve into the case's intricacies. This involves a thorough review of evidence, witness statements, police reports, and pertinent documents to gauge the strengths and weaknesses of the case against their client.
  • Strategic Blueprinting: Armed with their analysis, defense attorneys craft a strategic blueprint to mount a robust defense. This could involve questioning the validity of evidence, negotiating for favorable plea agreements, or methodically preparing for trial.
  • Negotiating: Defense attorneys engage in negotiations with the prosecution in pursuit of securing advantageous plea deals. These negotiations might lead to reduced charges or recommendations for more lenient sentences.
  • Trial Preparedness: Should a trial be in the offing, defense attorneys meticulously prepare by meticulously organizing evidence, crafting compelling legal arguments, formulating strategies for witness examination, and orchestrating a persuasive courtroom presentation.
  • Courtroom Advocacy: In the trial arena, defense attorneys emerge as stalwart advocates for their clients. They adroitly present evidence, cross-examine prosecution witnesses, and articulate compelling legal arguments to fortify their client's defense.
  • Mitigation Endeavors: In instances where culpability is established, defense attorneys ardently advocate for mitigating factors that could culminate in more lenient sentencing. These factors may encompass a track record of good conduct or extenuating circumstances.
  • Pursuing Appeals: Should a conviction occur, defense attorneys embark on the appeals journey by identifying legal errors or anomalies that could warrant a retrial or a reduction in sentence.

Our Practice Areas

Why Our Previous Clients Chose

The Law Offices of William V. Pernik
  • “Mr. Pernik has so much compassion for his clients, his integrity is beyond approach.”

    Jacqueline W.

  • “He is an active listener, dedicated to his profession and his community.”

    J TD T.

  • “Roland listened to me, asked appropriate questions and provided me with the information that I needed in order to make an informed decision.”

    Chris m.

  • “I was fighting a DUI prison case. Those cases are usually very black and white for judges. Mr. Pernik guided me in the right direction so my case turned out very beneficial for me. His statements are very well put together.”

    Avvo Reviewer

  • “William stood out as the most honest, hard working and compassionate.”


  • “William was very friendly and checked on the status of my file for free.”

    Ba C.

  • “Amazing in every way.”

    Kritine F.

  • “I must say Mr. William Pernik is an exemplary exception to this rule. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Mr. Pernik and his professionalism as an attorney and his compassion for his client's rights.”

    Yelp Reviewer

  • “Mr. Pernik really took the time to know me personally he understood my situation. He genuinely wanted to help me during a difficult time in my life. He fought for me in court to modify my sentence.”

    Avvo Reviewer

  • “I highly recommend Mr. Pernick. He is extremely knowledgeable about complex criminal defense issues. He is very hard-working and provides excellent representation for his clients. No one will work harder to achieve the best result.”


  • “I felt like he understood the stress me and my family were going through and held our hand through the process”

    Alex F.

  • “If you are smart enough to find William and pick him for your attorney, the outcome will be the best you could possibly hope for.”

    K F.

  • “They took care of me all the way through my conviction, he was even able to extend my surrender date without any hesitations.”

    Yolanda L.

  • “Good friend and attorney - if you are in trouble, take my word: he's good.”

    Justin C.

  • “I can't express enough gratitude and appreciation for his exceptional skills as an attorney.”

    A C.

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Law Offices of William V. Pernik

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Phone: (831) 273-3152

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Areas We Serve:

, Monterey, San Benito, Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, Alameda, Contra Costa counties as well as City & County of San Francisco.

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