Attorney William V. Pernik Achieves Lead Counsel Verification in Criminal Law – State Felony & Misdemeanor

Recently, The Law Office of William V. Pernik’s founding attorney, William V. Pernik, achieved Lead Counsel Verification in Criminal Law – State Felony & Misdemeanor. LawInfo and Thomson Reuters only provide their highest rated attorneys with Lead Counsel Verification status. Attorney Pernik earned Lead Counsel Verification because of his demonstrated ethics, solid reputation, and profound legal experience, both regarding the law in general and specifically regarding criminal law.

What Is Lead Counsel Verification?

Lead Counsel Verification provides LawInfo and Thomson Reuters with a way to help potential clients recognize top attorneys when they are searching for representation. LawInfo is a subsidiary of Thomson Reuters. It is a legal directory. The purpose of LawInfo is to provide people with access to the best possible lawyers to help them overcome their legal problems. When deciding whether to classify an attorney as Lead Counsel Verified, LawInfo and Thomson Reuters use the following requirements to make their determination:

  • Ample professional experience in the relevant practice area
  • Licenses and certifications up to date
  • Clean disciplinary record and in good standing with the state’s attorney governing body
  • Demonstrated commitment to clients’ best interests
  • Passed thorough annual review

Clients can rest assured when they place their confidence and trust in attorneys who meet Thomson Reuters and LawInfo’s strict quality assurance standards.

More About The Law Office of William V. Pernik

Prior to founding The Law Office of William V. Pernik, Attorney William V. Pernik spent time as a public defender in Tulare County. During his time as a public defender, Attorney Pernik obtained a record number of acquittals.

Attorney Pernik’s caseload as a public defender included several cases involving complex felonies, such as residential burglary, theft, domestic violence, armed robbery, assault, kidnapping, rape, and drug offenses. He was even able to obtain an acquittal in a driving under the influence (DUI) case involving multiple victims who suffered severe bodily injuries. Mr. Pernik continued his public defender career in Monterey County before leaving the Public Defender’s Office in 2015 to start his own criminal defense firm.

Since founding The Law Office of William V. Pernik, Attorney Pernik has continued to provide his clients with criminal defense representation that is second to none. Our team of criminal defense lawyers and support staff are experienced, knowledgeable, skilled, compassionate, and determined. We understand that, in many instances, our clients’ freedom, livelihoods, and reputations are depending on the outcome of their cases, and we take that responsibility very seriously. We fight tooth and nail to protect our clients’ rights and do everything within our power to secure as favorable an outcome as possible for their cases.

To learn more about The Law Office of William V. Pernik, check out our clients’ testimonials.

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