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​It's no secret that sex crimes are considered particularly heinous offenses by the general public. For this reason, if you’re accused of a sex crime, you may find that society considers you guilty until proven innocent. Due to this stigma and the consequences your charges can have on your day-to-day life, it’s important that you obtain representation from an attorney who is qualified to defend these complex and serious crimes.

Defending Your Reputation

At Law Offices of William V. Pernik, we understand the sensitive nature of sex crime charges and strive to assist clients and their families compassionately and respectfully after they’ve been accused of or charged with these types of heinous offenses. We know that sex crimes can range from minor misdemeanors to violent felonies, and are prepared to defend against your charges, no matter how severe they may be. If you’re facing sex crime charges, we can help you by:

  • Interviewing the people involved in your case
  • Conferring with experts as appropriate
  • Negotiating lesser charges or penalties with the prosecution, if possible
  • Crafting the best possible defense at trial, or creatively developing the most persuasive sentencing argument
  • Standing by your side until your case is resolved

P.C. 290 Registration Requirement

Among the worst possible consequences of being convicted of a sexual offense is the requirement of lifelong sex offender registration pursuant to Penal Code section 290.

While this requirement is discretionary on some charges, such as unlawful intercourse with a minor, it is mandatory upon conviction of most sexual crimes, including misdemeanor violations of P.C. 314 (indecent exposure) and P.C. 647.6 (annoying or molesting a minor).

For this reason, if you are charged with an offense that carries sex offender registration, it is critical that you contact an experienced legal professional who can help you maximize your chance of avoiding this draconian consequence of a conviction. At Law Offices of William V. Pernik, you will be working with a knowledgeable and creative attorney, who has defended hundreds of sexual crimes, and has been able to avoid sex offender registration on every misdemeanor he has handled, as well as a number of felonies.

We were able to obtain these results, in part, because we don’t accept “no” for an answer, believe in meticulous preparation, and rely on a great network of expert psychologists and evaluators, as well as committed investigators who help us establish the right factual record to explore more unusual and creative sentencing options, such as pleas to non-registrable or discretionary offenses with probationary terms that require therapeutic counseling, in lieu of a lifelong sex offender registration mandated by P.C. 290. While sex offender registration may be unavoidable in some cases, we believe that no option should be left unexplored in an effort to avoid it, in an appropriate case.

P.C. 290 Violations

Although law enforcement and prosecutors make it seem like P.C. 290 registration requirements are self-explanatory and easy to comply with, we know firsthand from our years of experience that many people who are required to register find them confusing, and have a hard time getting help in correctly filling out forms or notifying the police about the changed address.

If you, or someone you care about, have been charged with violating section 290, you could be looking at a substantial period of incarceration, especially if your prior conviction was for a felony sex offense, most of which count as “strikes”.

At Law Offices of William V. Pernik, we know how to approach cases charging violations of P.C. 290 registration, and have been able to successfully argue creative legal defenses, such as reasonable mistake of fact, to obtain favorable outcome in jury trials, as well as to obtain better plea bargaining options from the prosecutor, or sentencing leniency from the courts. We also know how to resist aggressive probation officers who seek to impose draconian restrictions on your liberties such as by requiring GPS monitoring, prohibit you from having any contact with your loved ones, or possess lawful adult pornography, when these terms have no reasonable nexus to your current registration offense.

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