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Few charges arouse the passions and anger of the community and trigger the heavy hand of criminal justice system like those involving accusations of willful child abuse and neglect, especially in felony cases involving injuries or death. Even on a misdemeanor level, where the injuries, if any, are typically minor, and the majority of the cases are based on allegations of children left without proper supervision, or exposed to unhealthy environment, domestic violence, or dangerous items or controlled substances in the house, the stigma of being labeled a child abuser or a neglectful parent can be extremely painful to bear.

In this harsh environment, it is critical to promptly obtain legal representation from a skilled defense professional, who will make sure that you are afforded your full legal rights and are treated with the same dignity and respect as any other litigant in our criminal courts. At Law Offices of William V. Pernik, we are committed to treating you with care and compassion you deserve, and will apply all of our skill and experience to bring about the best possible legal outcome in your case.

Fighting for You

Contrary to popular belief, children do not always tell the truth about what may have happened to them, and can be easily manipulated by adults or have things suggested to them by other professionals, such as teachers, doctors, or police officers who either do so intentionally or are not following proper precautions in interviewing children. In many cases that we have handled, allegations of child abuse or neglect were made after a disciplinary event at school or at home, or in the context of a marital separation, contested custody, or arrival of a new step-parent into the picture.

These, and other child abuse and neglect cases can be successfully defended by qualified legal professional. In some cases, it may be possible to prove that the child’s injuries were caused by another person, or that you were not legally responsible for the child at the time of the alleged incident. In other cases, it may be possible to establish that the child’s injuries were inflicted accidentally, such as when the child fell off the bicycle, bumped up against something in the house, developed an allergic rash or skin reaction, or had a pre-existing medical condition.

It is also possible that the child sustained an injury from an earlier, non-accidental event, such as a fight in school, or that the minor redness or bruising resulted from reasonable parental discipline. Depending on the exact nature of your charges, and the individual circumstances of your case, it may be possible to establish some additional, less common defenses to the charged crimes.

On Your Side

At Law Offices of William V. Pernik, we know that even loving and attentive parents can be wrongfully charged with child abuse and neglect.  Because of our extensive experience in defending child abuse and neglect cases, we are not afraid to take on the most complicated cases, such as those involving emotionally disturbed, developmentally disabled, and mentally ill children, and have the knowledge and practical experience necessary to assemble the finest legal team of investigators, medical experts, and psychologists to help us defend your good name and reputation in court.

Above all, we choose to believe the best – not worst – about people, and we’d like to think that this attitude shows in the quality of legal representation our clients receive under these emotionally trying circumstances.

If you, or someone you love, were arrested for, or charged with child abuse or neglect, please call our office right away to schedule your consultation. This is a sensitive area where prompt legal action and investigation is often needed in order to obtain the best possible outcome in your future case.

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